Local Buy And Sell Websites In Marshal islands

Local Buy And Sell Websites In Marshal islands

Local Buy And Sell Website In Marshal islands


When it first opened its doors in Majuro around the end of 2017, the MISCO market quickly established itself as the premier destination for purchasing indigenous goods. The racks are stacked high with locally produced goods such as handicrafts, drinks, and veggies. However, the ice chests out front that are stocked with fresh, local fish… and the bunches of bananas that add a splash of color to the setting… are probably what attract the most customers. When you take into account the unique things that are sold there, such as solar-powered lights and throw nets, you have the ideal venue to go shopping on an island. The store is operated by Arlington in conjunction with the Bank of Marshall Islands and is a cooperation between the two organizations.

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Researchers that are financed by the Pacific Islands CASC are developing a Green Dashboard in order to provide agricultural farmers in the Marshall Islands with climatic information that may assist them in adapting their producing techniques to changing environmental conditions. 

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Researchers supported by the Pacific Islands CASC compiled the traditional agricultural and environmental knowledge of Marshall Islanders and combined it with information on the El Nio/La Nia weather pattern effects in the region to create a living web resource for local users to access climate information in both English and Marshallese. The resource is called Agroforestry in the Climate of the Marshall Islands, or the Green Dashboard.

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The website offers tools for decision-making that can be easily accessed by public officials, public agencies, and citizens who are working to mitigate the effects of climate change and sea level rise on their agroforestry systems, coasts, and resources. These effects are negatively impacting these areas. 

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