How To Buy Or Sell Website On NamePros

How To Buy Or Sell Website On NamePros

Buying domain names is the portion of domain name investing that is the least difficult. A domain name can be purchased by anyone who has ten dollars to their name, but the ability to sell a domain successfully is the most crucial component of being a successful domain investor. When it comes to selling a domain, you have access to a wide variety of different choices; the question is, which one should you pick? In this post, we will discuss the various avenues open to you when it comes to selling your domain names

Investing in a Reputable Brand Name 

You must first acquire the appropriate names before making any attempts to sell your domains. There is a whole article on NamePros that discusses where to buy domain names; however, we are unable to provide recommendations for which names should be purchased. You have to make this decision based on your assessment of potential “end users” or other investors who might be interested in the domains that you acquire. 


You will not be required to pay a listing fee or a commission on the sale of your domain when you make use of the NamePros marketplace to put your domain name up for sale and make it available for purchase by others. Because NamePros has such a large network of investors, there is a good chance that many individuals will view your listing. 

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It is important that when you choose the price of your domain name on NamePros, you keep resellers in mind. In order to make an attempt at making a profit on resale, a typical investor will not pay end user pricing and will instead anticipate a price that is lower. NamePros could be a good choice for selling your name as an option if the asking price of your domain is competitive with that of the resale market. 

Sales to Third Parties 

This entails sending an email promoting the sale of a domain name to a number of potential businesses. If you own a domain name that could very easily be used by a business, then this may be a possibility for you. If not, continue reading for another quiz question. Your domain might be a one-word or two-word generic.COM, or it might be an upgrade that’s suitable for their current domain. Either way, it’s possible. 

Whatever it is that you’re offering, it ought to be compatible with the company and the way they approach internet sales. When sending out a sales email, you should make every effort to avoid doing things like finding a list of businesses to contact in bulk and sending the email to all of those firms at once. Your sales emails have a far better chance of being profitable if they are directed toward businesses that appear to have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. 

Outbound sales should typically be the first point of contact for a domain investor because it is common for the right company to be willing to pay a greater price for a domain name than a reseller would pay. The process of doing outbound sales might be time intensive, but it is typically beneficial to invest the necessary effort. 

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Incoming Inquiries 

When a potential customer expresses interest in purchasing from you, this typically results in the most lucrative sales. Landing pages that are designed to attract the attention of potential buyers are offered by services such as Uniregistry Market, Efty, and Sedo. These services also offer solutions to manage and respond to leads generated by their users. 

Let’s look at some of the ways you can make money off of your domain name. 

1. Make it known to everyone that you are interested in selling your domain name 

Whether or whether your website (domain) received visits, you should make it known to those who did visit that you are considering selling your domain. This is one of the most effective methods for generating leads. 

2. Sensible pricing 

You may be familiar with the practice of selling domain names for one million dollars or more. Either they have a lot of good fortune, or their domain name must be really valuable. It is important that you do not overprice your domain, as this will prevent you from successfully selling it. Bargaining is incredibly crucial, but before you even think about doing it, be sure the price you’re asking for the domain name is reasonable. Your website’s address might have a sophisticated ring to it, but other people might not share your opinion.


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