How To Buy Or Sell Website On Motion Invest

How To Buy Or Sell Website On Motion Invest

Learn how to buy or sell website on Motion invest.

How to Purchase a Motion Invest Website 

1) Determine Your Needs: The first step in purchasing a website is determining whether you want to buy a site outright or schedule a call with their team to examine your scenario. 

2) Determine Which Website to Purchase: Once you’ve determined your requirements, you may concentrate on purchasing a website that you enjoy. Of course, this sounds straightforward, but there are a TON of different factors to consider before making your purchase. 

3) Fund Your Purchase: Now that you’ve made the offer, you must fund it. At the moment, it appears that the funding methods they allow are Wire Transfer, Paypal, or a Credit Card, which makes sense given that most of the websites aren’t overly pricey. You can buy immediately online or schedule a phone call with them. If you have the money or credit limit for it, I recommend purchasing it immediately online so that you don’t lose it to someone else. 

4) Ownership Transfer: Now that you’ve purchased the website, the following step is to have them transfer ownership to you. This will entail them transferring the domain name to your domain name registrar, which can take up to 14 days, and then providing you with the files needed to host your own website. 

The good news is that because you’ve already purchased the website, you won’t have to worry about anyone else bidding against you. 

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5) Make it Rain: Okay, this is a bit of a joke, but once you’ve completed the four stages above, you should be good to go. Now you must concentrate on optimizing and growing this scam in order to earn more money and/or quit your day job. 

Motion Invest: How to Sell a Website 

1) Request a Free Review: If you want to sell your website, the first step is to fill out this form and request a free evaluation from their experts. This will assist their team in understanding the history of your website and what you’ve done with it up to this point. 

2) Analysis: The Motion Invest team will assess your website as the next stage in the process. They’ll require your website URL, access to Google Analytics/Search Console, monthly profit, and proof of income to execute this properly. 

3) Buyer Agreement: The third step in the procedure is to sign a buyer agreement. This is supplied to you once all parties have agreed on a price and chosen to proceed. Once both parties have signed, Motion Invest will send monies to escrow, which is a third-party that will retain the funds until the sale is completed. 

4) They Will Transfer Your Website: They will need access to your website and will back it up in its current condition to a hosting plan that they have. This means you’ll still have a copy of the website you’re selling, and they’ll have an identical clone of it. When that is completed, you will be needed to transfer the domain to their registrar.

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5) Domain Transfer Completed: Once the domain name has been transferred and the site has been connected to the backup created in step 4, monies will be released from escrow and deposited into your bank account. 

The Final Say

Motion Invest is an excellent place to buy or sell websites that are neither too new nor too advanced. It is not a website broker, which is good because the multiples for buying and selling are industry standard, but you will avoid fees and dodgy listings.

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