How To Buy or Sell Website On Flippa

How To Buy or Sell Website On Flippa

Flippa sells Internet businesses. Domains, apps, e-commerce, and blogs. 

Flippa simplifies selling websites and digital assets by connecting sellers and buyers. 

People debate selling their website daily. Going raises many questions, including the basics. Website sales are unique, but there are some fundamental standards to follow. 

Before we discuss selling your website, you should know that some internet properties are easier to sell than others. Website purchasers assess revenue, profit, history, niche, and price. Even if you think your website is valuable, the market decides. 

Website Sales

Now that you know what to expect, let’s look at online selling best practices. 

1. Research beforehand

Complete all background work before launching your website. This includes revenue evidence and traffic analytics. The sales process will be less stressful if you gather information beforehand. 

2. Contact buyers

The site you sell will determine its success. If you have a valuable site in a popular niche like technology or finance, many purchasers may listen to you. Informing them your site will be sold on Flippa is a simple way to build interest. 

3. Start your Flippa auction

Flippa is the best website selling platform. A website that might not sell elsewhere may sell quickly and cheaply on Flippa due of its large viewership. I’ve sold websites on Flippa. I recall one case. No private bidders showed interest after talking. Flippa, a seven-day auction service, brought in bids for my website. After two days, bids exceeded my best private buyer offer. 

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To avoid selling for less, set a buy it now (BIN) and/or reserve price. 

4. Use evidence-based pricing

Your website may be your favorite. However, think like a buyer. Do previous sales justify your price? If you think the answer is yes, be sure to have proof. Flippa auctions allow unlimited information submission. Set a BIN and shine. Show buyers your website’s value. BIN-less? In this case, provide as much data as possible. 

5. Accept

When someone shows interest in your website, appreciate their time. This includes answering all questions, no matter how complicated, and providing extra customer service to increase sales. An interesting Flippa auction may have hundreds of private messages and comments. Don’t sell your website and disappear till the deadline. Staying responsive will increase your sales chances. 

6. Study

Selling a website? Start-up website? You can browse Flippa’s sales history even if you’re not selling. Check the recently sold area’s price and notes. Compare your site to the sold one. Compare income and traffic honestly. A head-to-head comparison will help you price your website and estimate what you can sell it for. Remember that two identical sites may sell for different amounts. 

7. Wait

Your website’s selling price is likely set from the start. Wouldn’t it be great to get this number on the first day? Don’t expect this. Knowing that finding the appropriate buyer takes time, be patient. Flippa sellers can set auction duration. This will give you an idea of how long it will take to find out how much your website will sell for. 

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Last Word 

Following the seven principles above will increase your chances of selling your website. Don’t give up since this process is complicated. Please post any questions here. Many readers—including me—want to help.

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