How To Buy Or Sell Website On Afternic

How To Buy Or Sell Website On Afternic

You’re not alone if you’ve ever pondered how to sell your domain name. Whether you have a single domain name for sale or are a serious investor with thousands of domains on the market, it makes sense to use the best methods that others are employing to enhance your sales potential. However, it is critical not to put the wagon before the horse. 

How to Sell a Domain Name Through Afternic 

This article will walk you through the process of listing your domains for sale step by step. Here’s a rundown of the procedure: 

1. Go to and click the Sell Domains button. 

2. Register for an account. 

3. Enter the domain names that you want to sell. 

4. Create a price list and submit it for processing. 

5. Improve your domain sales by optimizing your listings. 

Are you ready to jump in? Let’s get started. 

1. Go to and select Sell Domains

That is all. Go to and, in the upper right-hand corner, click Sell Domains. 

2. Register for an account 

To receive access to Afternic’s services, provide the essential information and create an account. 

3. Enter the domain names you wish to sell

Enter up to 50 domain names you want to sell. You can manually enter them or upload a whole spreadsheet. Then press the Continue button. 

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4. Provide a price 

You will be able to specify a Buy Now price as well as a Floor and Minimum pricing. When you’ve decided on your pricing, click Submit Domains. 

The Buy Now price is the price that has been published and will be circulated throughout the Afternic Network. 

Our sales executive can negotiate the lowest allowable sales price without requesting approval (the floor price is not viewable to buyers). This enables us to close agreements swiftly on your behalf and capitalize on impulse shoppers who pay right away. 

5. Improve your domain sales by optimizing your listings

The first objective is to have your domains listed because once they are published, we can begin the process of distributing them around the partner network. 

Once you’ve added your domains to Afternic, there are three things you can do to optimize your listings for the best possible sale. 

To summarize 

So, if you’re wondering how to sell your domain name, the answer is straightforward: list it on Afternic. 

Once your listing is on Afternic, you can boost your sales potential by adding a For Sale Lander, Buy Now Prices, and enabling Fast Transfer. 

By following these simple procedures, you may expose your domains to the greatest amount of possible purchasers while also leveraging the network/sales teams to help sell your domains.

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