tips for improving WordPress functionality that makes websites easier to use

6 Tips For Improving WordPress Functionality

People require a website that is quick, simple to use, and can easily answer their questions. The way users interact with your website is vital since it tells you exactly how your website functions and how effective the user flow is. If both functionality and flow are poor, you have some major work to do to improve your WordPress build, and we will discuss the primary aspects that will help you achieve that in this post.
Check out these six tips for improving WordPress functionality that makes websites easier to use:

1. A Good Host

Every website needs a good host. Reliable web hosting makes a site work better

When choosing a website hosting service, you should think about two things. Your budget and the data you need for your website come first and second. If you don’t have much money, shared hosting may be a good choice. It’s also good for new websites that don’t have a big audience yet.¬†

Choose a host that backs up regularly and safely. A hosting plan that backs up your website data often keeps it safe. 

Lastly, pick a hosting plan that lets pages load quickly. Almost 85% of people expect a website to load in less than 3 seconds. So, your site needs to load quickly so you don’t lose customers. So, this is good for how WordPress works. 

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2. Think about the layout and design 

Use is more important than how a website looks. 

Avoid making your site hard to understand. You don’t have to start from scratch because people like sites that look the same. 

How: People expect the menu bar to be at the top. 

Add a search box that uses Ajax to the main panel of links. 

Categories can be found in the sidebar, breadcrumbs, and archives. 

Your WordPress site will be more useful and easier to use if it is easy to navigate. 

3. Choosing Installing WP plugins makes WordPress websites easier to use

WP has a lot of plugins that add extra features. Also, many of the best WP designs have purpose-built extensions. A search plugin for WordPress, a slider, an online booking form, a WP contact form, and so on. 

You can add a lot of great plugins, but choose carefully. Only install the ones you need, and try to combine functions into a single plugin. Many plugins aren’t bad, but it takes more time to keep them up to date. 

4. Get people to your site 

Integrating social networks into WP websites makes them easier to use. You’ll also get more people involved in business. Here are some ways: 

Use your social account to sign up instead of a form. 

With social media widgets, site pages can show the most recent articles. 

Let people share your site through social media. 

Most WP themes can be made to work with social media with the help of a social media plugin. 

5. Ways that responsive design can make WordPress easier to use 

As more people use mobile devices to access the web, it’s important for sites to be mobile-friendly. WP is a content management system that doesn’t work well on mobile devices. Install plugins to make it work well on all devices and look good on all of them. 

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There are several responsive WP themes that can show your site’s content well on all screen sizes. 

6. Remember SEO 

Customers are usually disappointed by sites that don’t have SEO. Because every website wants more people to find it through search engines and more sales. 

SEO is seen as a necessary evil by web designers. People think that keyword stuffing and forced language are part of SEO. These SEO techniques are no longer used. SEO could make a big difference in how visitors feel. 

Good SEO and design make a great product and a solid foundation. 


As the WP community grows, more and more tools are available to make your website easier to use and more useful. These six ideas should help you improve your WordPress site and get more people to use it. 

Keep your WP theme, plugins, and installation up-to-date. Upgrade WP to make it safer. It also keeps your website up-to-date with new features and fixes for problems.

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