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10 Best WordPress Websites That Gives Value For Your Time

Ever since, WordPress has continued to move up the rankings of top CMS, increasing its position. 

You probably know about some of these absolutely stunning websites, but you might not realize they were made with WordPress. 

Here are ten of them: 

1. Katy Perry 

Katy has an official WordPress website. Her straightforward website, which is simple to read through and is user-friendly, highlights the pop star’s individual style while offering details on upcoming tours, the latest news, and a few simple links to the music of the artist. 

2. The Star Wars Blog 

Those films that keep teenagers confined to their dormitories for Star Wars marathons lasting over 15 hours! 

May the force be with you while you browse this fantastic site because you might become engrossed and unable to resume your work or other activities. 

3. TechCrunch 

The WordPress-based website of the most popular technical blog in the world is tidy and well-structured. 

It makes sense to keep the design as simple and readable as you can given that this “serious” website focuses more emphasis on speed and faultless execution than on style. 

4. Sony Music 

The biggest names in music history across all genres, including rock’n’roll legend Elvis Presley, contemporary pop star and teenage girl favorite Harry Styles, Michael Jackson, The Clash, and Kings of Leon, as well as romantic melismas by Ricky Martin and depressive electronic and indie rock by Kasabian, hold the world’s best and most lucrative music deals. Sony Music also serves as the recording studio for some of the most famous songs ever made by these artists. 

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In addition, WordPress was used to develop Sony Music’s official website. 

5. BBC America 

BBC America, a well-known American pay television network with its headquarters in New York City, is owned by a partnership between BBC Studios and AMC Networks. 

Its mobile-friendly and user-friendly website, which delivers entire episodes and more on one fun and engaging platform and showcases the most well-known TV shows and movies, is solely attributable to WordPress.

6. MTV News 

When it comes to music TV, nothing beats MTV! Yes, the MTV news website is a WordPress website once more. A very prosperous one, too. 

You can access information about popular new album releases, award show results, upcoming singles, and fresh celebrity rumors thanks to the stylish background of the MTV custom theme and mosaic views of the scattered images of celebrities.

7 .The Times of New York 

The New York Times is the center of everything that happens in the globe, much as New York City is regarded as the global hub. 

On its wildly famous WordPress website, the NY Times covers every single subject, from breaking political news to the edgiest books and art exhibits, from scientific advancements to sports headlines. 

To make the website as reminiscent of a vintage newspaper as possible, everything from the fonts to the mosaic view of the articles on the page has been altered. 

8. Walt Disney Company 

The WordPress website of the Disney Company recreates the fantastical dream that is Disney World on an online platform. It is fun like Mickey Mouse, quick like Aladdin on his carpet, beautiful like Cinderella, compassionate like Ariel, straightforward like Mulan, and easygoing like Lilo. 

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Whether you liked the quirky Peter Pan or the cute Simba, you were definitely a fan of a Disney invention at some point in your life and may have fantasized of living like one of those characters. 

Even though Belle and the Beast never really get old, Disney never stops innovating and surprising its fans. By visiting this website, you can find out more about the company’s new and returning characters, its charitable endeavors, and much more. 

The TWDC custom theme by Disney Interactive is the force behind this wonderful website. 

9. The Rolling Stone 

On the Rolling Stones’ simple and user-friendly website, you can find all the music, news, tour information, the official store, and more. 

The RollingStones 2014 (version 2.2) custom theme for the website is supported by a number of powerful plugins, including Advanced Custom Fields, Regenerate Thumbnails, The WordPress Importer, TinyMCE Advanced, and Google Analytics for WordPress. 

10. The Next Web 

Leading online publication The Next Web features articles on subjects including science, technology, the internet, and other things. The structure of its home page is similar to that of a magazine, with featured stories at the top and the most recent articles, posts by category, and customized areas, like discounts, below. 

It makes use of technologies like aggressive caching, CDN, and lazy loading to increase website performance and speed. 


WordPress keeps improving and evolving in spite of all the competition. Being an open source CMS, it is continually improved with fresh plugins, services, and themes created to keep up with the rapid changes in web design trends. 

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Such incredible websites are now at your reach. Without having a strong background in web development, you may easily design the website of your wildest desires by following a few simple steps.

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