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2014 Week 3 PIT at CAR


Carolina Panthers, Colin Cole, Greg Hardy, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, 2014 Week 3 PIT at CAR

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2014 Week 3 PIT at CAR Rapid Reaction


Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2014 Week 3 Rapid Reaction, 2014 Week 3 PIT at CAR, 2014 Week 3 PIT at CAR Rapid Reaction

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Sprint car driver Scott Semmelmann killed during wreck at practice

Sprint car driver Scott Semmelmann was killed in a wreck during practice for a race Saturday night at Beaver Dam Raceway.

Beaver Dam Raceway general manager Carolyn Mueller and Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Car Series President Steve Sinclair confirmed the death.

Semmelmann’s car made contact with another car during the second practice session, flipped three times and hit the outside wall. The 47-year-old Semmelmann, from Brookfield, was racing for the first time this season.

The race was canceled.

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Beaver Dam Raceway is a 0.33-mile clay oval about 75 minutes northwest of Milwaukee. Mueller said it was the first on-track fatality at the track since the facility re-opened in 1993.

Last month, Kevin Ward Jr. was killed in a sprint car race at a dirt track in upstate New York when he left his car and was struck by a car driven by NASCAR star Tony Stewart.

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We can help you get easy auto financing or a cheap car loan in minutes!

Tips for Self-Employed Car Buyers

Tips for Self-Employed Car Buyers

The legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes seems to be capable of just about anything, but could he be approved for a reasonable auto loan? Because he is self-employed, the great Mr. Holmes of Baker Street might be wondering the same thing.

As it turns out, the famous sleuth doesn’t need to worry his overly stuffed noggin. It is entirely possible for the self-employed to get a very decent car loan. There are just some necessary steps that must be taken in the process. First off, Mr. Holmes will need to . . .

Have a Down Payment

As a self-employed person, Sherlock will probably have to make a larger down payment than he would if his income could be verified. Of course, the exact amount of that down payment would depend on the lender and the strength of his credit score. And, ideally, this payment amount should be large enough to prevent the amount that Mr. Holmes owes from being more than what his new car is worth. Like most people, Sherlock Holmes would never want to be upside down on his loan!

Next, Holmes might be expected to . . .

Offer an Attractive Trade-In

If Mr. Holmes has little cash to offer when he decides that he needs a new car, he could offer an older car as a trade-in. He could always accept a tradable car as payment for his services, just as long as that car isn’t being held by Scotland Yard as evidence.

He should also . . .

Provide Other Financial Statements That Prove Income/Overall Worth

It would significantly improve Mr. Holmes’ chances for loan approval if he could provide a potential lender with bank statements that prove that he is regularly generating an income. Documents showing proof of savings and deeds indicating ownership of property would demonstrate his overall worth as a loan candidate. And making his tax records available would show what he is capable of earning in a year.

Choose a Reputable Lender

Here at Auto Credit Express, we specialize in helping people with difficult credit and frequently work with people who are self employed make the connection to auto financing. And we don’t just cater to great detectives. If you, like Sherlock Holmes, are self-employed and need a car, please take a few minutes to complete our easy application. It’s . . . Wait for it . . . Elementary.

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NHTSA Tool Makes It Easier for Parents to Find Right Car Seat


Buying the correct child-safety seat for a child can be an overwhelming task for parents, especially if it’s for their first child. For Child Passenger Safety Week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just launched its Car Seat Finder Tool that makes selecting the correct car-seat style a lot easier.

Related: Child Passenger Safety Week: Protect That Precious Cargo

Using the tool is easy. Parents enter their child’s birthdate, weight and height into the Car Seat Finder, and it tells parents what kind of car seat is best for their child. It also offers a listing of compatible car seats with their height and weight recommendations as well as NHTSA’s ease-of-use ratings.

I tested the tool by entering info about my 7-year-old, who still needs to ride in a booster seat. Remember, kids should stay in booster seats until they’re 4 feet 9 inches tall and at least 80 pounds. The tool correctly told me that my son should be in a booster and gave me a list of boosters to consider.

Anything that demystifies car-seat shopping is a major win. If you already have a car seat for your child, but aren’t sure it’s installed correctly or is the right fit for your little one, visit a car-seat inspection station during National Car Seat Check Saturday where certified car-seat technicians will be happy to help.

NHTSA image

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Used Cars Becoming More Affordable

Credit challenged car buyers should be aware of the latest report from Manheim that shows supplies of used cars are increasing while prices are dropping

Good Time to Buy A Used Car

Better Business Bureau Helps Western Michigan Car Buyers

At Auto Credit Express we know that most borrowers with credit issues will choose a used car for their subprime loan because they’re more affordable. It’s a decision that makes a lot of sense even for people not in the market for poor credit auto loans, with the average new car cost rising every year.

It’s a decision that makes even more sense when you consider the latest report from Manheim, the highest volume operator of wholesale car auctions in the U.S.

August Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index

According to Manheim, wholesale used car prices (adjusted for the type of vehicle as well as mileage and the time of year) fell last month. The decline in values for August marked the fourth straight monthly decline making now a pretty good time to buy a used car. August vehicle values were also down year over year – 0.4% from August of 2013.

Manheim believes the recent downward trend in wholesale pricing is the result of:

  • A return to normal price levels after an extended time in which used car values were exceptionally strong
  • An increase in the supply of wholesale used cars
  • A drop in the demand for used cars

Time to Buy a Used Car

With used car prices moderating, now might be a very good time to take advantage of more affordable prices. Here are some further tips for our readers with troubled credit:

  • Choose a subcompact, compact or midsize sedan. Not only are these vehicles affordable, the associated insurance and fuel costs are also more reasonable than trucks, vans or SUVs.
  • Check the vehicle’s history report to make sure it’s clean. If it is, pay to have it inspected by either an inspection company or an ASE Certified Master Mechanic as well as a body and frame specialist
  • For those looking at a second chance auto loan, keep the loan term as short as possible to reduce interest expenses. In addition, as your credit situation improves, you’ll be able to trade out and into a new loan with a lower interest rate that much sooner.

The Bottom Line

With used car prices moderating, buyers with less than perfect credit have a great opportunity to reduce the overall expenses of a subprime auto loan. Consumers can accomplish this by choosing an affordable vehicle as well as a loan term that allows them to trade out as soon as their credit situation improves.

Here’s another tip: Auto Credit Express specializes in placing applicants with past credit problems with dealers that can give them their best chances for auto loan approvals.

So if you really want to get your car credit back on track, you can start that process now by filling out our online car loan application.

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Separating the Fiction and Truth of Car Finance

The unseen is great fuel for the imagination. We tend to fill in the blanks by adding our own personal views to the little information we already have. When it comes to auto financing, we are doing ourselves a disservice by making decisions based on limited or incorrect information.

In today’s edition of Myth Busting, we have some interesting facts that will change the way you look at auto financing with any credit.

6 Car Financing Myths

The sales rep is lying when he needs to talk to his manager.

You can only get approved if you have great credit.

Car Lemon Laws cover any vehicle that is sold on a car lot.

All extended warranties are scams.

You should avoid brand new models of cars.

If I dress like I have no money I will get a better price.

Learning More Credit Financing Facts

At Auto Credit Express we don’t believe in myths – we only believe in facts. And the fact is that we will do everything we can to help you. And the more you know the more power you have when it comes to making the right decision when buying a car. Squash the myth with the power of knowledge!

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Tesla Updates Car Software, Wins Lawsuit in Massachusetts

Are you a new Zacks Member or a visitor to

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3 ‘Real Money’ Tips to Read Before You Buy a Car

By ABC News

The Smiths of Atlanta have a full house, four young children going in four different directions and just one car to get them where they need to go.

Maria Smith, a stay-at-home mother, said the family’s car – a 2006 Honda Odyssey – had 160,000 miles on the odometer.

“We drive everywhere,” she told ABC News. “We travel a lot.”

She and husband Cedric Smith, an IT specialist, said they were in the market for a safe, used car but did not want to be taken for a spin.

“Buying a car was one of the most stressful experiences ever,” she said. “I mean, honestly, I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I just, I hate the idea of it.”

Tricia Whitlock of the popular tech blog Hypepotamus said consumers could put the brakes on car-buying stress by following her simple tips.

1. Find out what others are paying for the exact same car, new or used, with apps like True Car, and use the information to negotiate at the dealership.

2. Know when to buy. Good times are the end of the month or the end of the year. And avoid Saturdays.

“You’re much better going in the middle of the month, picking a car that’s right for you and then going back at the end of the month when those sales guys are going to be hitting their quotas,” Whitlock said.

3. Buy online. If you want to avoid the middleman when buying a used car, and save thousands of dollars, consider purchasing a car at an online dealership like Carvana. Carvana does a 150-point inspection on its used cars so there are no surprises for the consumers.

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California Car Accident Lawyers Allen Flatt Ballidis & Leslie Release Blog …

California Car Accident Lawyers Allen Flatt Ballidis Leslie Release Blog About Drunk Driving Car Accident Involving Actor Dwayne Johnson’s Family

PRWEB.COM Newswire

PRWEB.COM Newswire(PRWEB) September 17, 2014

California car accident lawyers Allen Flatt Ballidis Leslie have just released an informative blog on a drunk driving car accident that involved the family of actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. The original blog can be seen here.

The blog shows the picture from the accident that Johnson posted on Instagram and Twitter and reports some details. In the blog, the California car accident lawyers Allen Flatt Ballidis Leslie would like to thank Dwayne Johnson and his family for sharing their story. It is hoped that with continued publicity from famous people about drunk driving, incidents like this will be reduced in the future. If it can happen to them, it can happen to anybody, the blog states.

Social media photo shows the car accident.

Professional wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram of the head-on crash his mother and cousin were involved in with a drunk driver, CNN reported on August 11 in “Dwayne Johnson’s mom survives crash; the Rock says, ‘hug your family tighter.’”

CNN reported that Johnson admitted that his first reaction was to want to “do unrelenting harm” to the driver. He then realized that he should instead be focusing on the most important result of the accident: his family survived.

Johnson advised his social media followers to take some time to hug their families and tell them they love them.

Johnson’s cousin, WWE wrestler Lina Fanene, was injured in the crash, along with his mother. The extent of their injuries was not reported.

Victims of drunk driving crashes should call a California car accident lawyer.

Allen Flatt Ballidis Leslie helps victims of drunk driving car accidents recover their losses every day. For more information on California auto accident claims, visit or call 888-752-7474 today.

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